Presidents Page

President’s 2018/19 Strategy

In considering my strategy as President, for the second time in five years, I found myself wondering what is different this time around.
In 2013/14 we were a club lacking confidence in our future. It was probably not an exaggeration that we had a membership crisis, in terms of numbers, and this could have had fatal consequences.
However, in 2018, while we remain a relatively small club, we go into the new Rotary yea with 40% more members and a true spirit of friendship. The banter week-on-week at our meetings is great fun and guests regularly remark about how much they enjoy visiting.
So, I go into my second presidential year with quiet optimism. I am minded of the saying “this is not a dress rehearsal, it’s the real thing “. How often do we hear people say “when I have my time again I will do it differently”? If only.
So, it is incumbent upon us to make the most of every day – and to enjoy doing so. That applies in both our everyday lives, and as Rotarians. In my year ahead I hope that fun, enjoyment and conviviality will be evident – for two reasons. Firstly, from a selfish perspective, I want to enjoy my year. However, secondly, it is only by making it fun and worthwhile that we can hope to grow our numbers by a further 40%.
I will seek input from the members about what they may be interested in. A few things I have in mind – in addition to our regular meetings and sporting competitions – could include:
Murder Mystery Night

Barton walking treasure hunt, including pub lunch

Williams F1 Heritage Collection Tour

Visit ‘Escape Nation’ in Stafford, which involves live action escape room games in teams of up to 5 people per team (The activity is more cerebral than physical for those envisaging needing a spade to dig their way out!)

Wine tasting, in the cellars of Worth Brothers in Lichfield, with either a buffet or hot meal  To reintroduce ‘dine around the world’ – contenders might include Greek; French; Indian or Italian
Of course, while we want to (and will) have fun this will not be exclusive from the focus on our Rotary mantra of ‘Service Above Self’.
For many of those less fortunate in our community this is also “not a dress rehearsal” and they have the same right to enjoy “the real thing” in their lives.
We will focus our finite resources on:
Charitable Fundraising:
The newly formed fundraising sub-committee is already making its
presence felt and, most importantly, is engaging our newer younger
members in bringing energy into this arena . The sub-committee will
explore innovative ways of generating more charitable monies to allow
us to support even more local and international projects and causes.
o We will again support the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
We will continue to support the Rotary Foundation in its aim to eradicate
polio worldwide
We will continue to work with our local primary schools in terms of best
achiever awards, and with the reading support project at Springhill. We
will also seek to engage with our local secondary schools through Rotary
competitions and by supporting a candidate from Erasmus Darwin
School at RYLA.
We will support the work of Therapies Unite in Mexico
People’s concerns and worries change. I am very conscious that for
many people over the age of 50 their biggest personal and health concerns
relate to dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases. With
that in mind, and having had first-hand experience within our family, I
propose that my President’s chosen charity will be the Parkinson’s UK
In conclusion, I have been delighted and humbled by the help we have had from our
friends this year. Hopefully we can rely on this generous support going forward. To
anyone not currently involved with Rotary who is accessing this through Facebook or
our website, if you feel you would like to become involved, or dare I say become a
member, then please do get in touch. Don’t wait until next time. This is “the real
thing” after all.
Be lucky.